Mormon History Podcast: 015: Strong Handed Council

Today, we discuss what is behind a redacted document in the Brigham Young Files.

-Sources to come-


4 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 015: Strong Handed Council

  1. Having redactions after 100+ years have passed, CLEARLY says to me they were hiding something.

    Is the church so afraid of history they will keep things hidden, even historically important things, to protect the “image”?

    This flies in the face of the talks the very same church has given about being honest.

    What reasons do the church give for the redactions?

  2. Nice episode Skylar. Have you considered doing any more on redaction? I am guessing you pulled these minutes from this website? http://mormon-church-history.blogspot.com/2013/09/mormon-history-dec-9-1847_1102.html The owner of the website pulled these minutes from The Prospect of Ready Access: Annals of the Apostles, 1835-1951 (CD). Privately published, 2015. CD. $75.00. 3321pp (in 4 PDF files)which can be purchased from Benchmark Books. It is the 1st item under “new books” Here is the details about the collection, it is an amazing collection, BTW: https://www.benchmarkbooks.com/2016/01/

    Most likely these minutes come from Mike Quinn’s collection at Yale. I am hoping someday Yale will get its act together and become user friendly with Mike’s collection. And yes, Mike did have access to these minutes and he did receive permission to make typescripts.

    • Sorry I didn’t see this for forever.
      Thanks for the info. There are some other redactions that I am hoping to uncover. I find it interesting what the Church decided to redact or not redact like a Suicide etc.

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