Mormon History Podcast: 006: Baa Baa Black Sheep

What happens when an Apostle and the Prophet butt heads? Today, we sit down with a special guest to discuss his historical doctrinal battle with Brigham Young. We also find out once and for all if Adam-God is a theory… or doctrine.


4 thoughts on “Mormon History Podcast: 006: Baa Baa Black Sheep

  1. Fun and excellent historical podcast!
    Oh, how things change in churches and corporations of men, but not with Jesus or His Gospel (His own Good News).

  2. Oh man.

    I have really enjoyed your first 5 episodes. You come at things from a similar perspective as I do, so I identify with what you’re talking about.

    But man, I did not care for this episode. The fake interview thing felt super tacky to me. I’ve been looking forward to a litte more historically based podcast. But this took what I was looking forward to and turned it into something that felt pretty juvenile to me.

    My two cents is, don’t try to get cute with the delivery. The information that you provided here was very interesting. The delivery format is one that I really didn’t care for!

    Thanks for the hard work. And time spent researching. I have high hopes for this podcast!

    • Mike,
      I appreciate your comment. You are not the first one with these feelings on the episode. I will paste the reply I gave on Facebook so that it can somewhat explain my reasoning:

      While I put a little humor in it, reading through letters from Orson Pratt to Brigham Young, I could sense his frustrations and loneliness on the matter and wanted to convey that also.

      When it comes to the Historical side of it, everything I read is either quoted or accurate even including Wilford getting kicked by a horse on his baptismal day, Wilford not writing about the transfiguration, the stance on Hot Chocolate, that nobody would have called it a Theory etc.

      My idea with the podcast when it comes to Historical items, is how they affect a person in this case Orson Pratt specifically. Because there were a lot of Journal Entries about him from others, I felt it might be easier to convey it in a mock interview rather than me just reading each source individually.

      My podcast isn’t meant to be satire by nature as I find the beauty in the story of History and how it affected those involved. And by beauty I mean the raw history the al natural concept of it not necessarily that it is beautiful or peaceful.

      I appreciate your feedback and hope that you will continue to listen and provide feedback so that I can improve.

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